Data Management

Leveraging Enterprise Data to Your Highest Advantage

Through our Data Management (DM) practice, CORMAC helps customers realize the benefits of a unified data environment and sound data governance. This ensures enterprises have quick, secure and reliable access to the data they need.

We assist organizations in making the best possible use of the vast volumes of data they collect, produce, store and access every day. Drawing from DAMA International’s Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBOK), CORMAC applies global best practices for acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, and processing enterprise data for better analysis and decision making.


Big Data.

CORMAC develops flexible data architecture to handle enterprise data sets that are too large and complex for traditional data warehouses. Using cloud computing, we deploy both structured and unstructured data to modern tools, such as MapReduce, data lakes and IBM’s Hybrid Data Management (HDM). We build big data stores leveraging emerging technologies and methods that include IoT, edge computing, in-memory computing, augmented data management, and continuous intelligence (CI).

Data Modeling.

CORMAC applies data modeling expertise for traditional systems as well as Big Data and NoSQL. When designing or re-engineering databases, our experts diagram the data flows throughout an organization to support that organization’s business requirements. This provides a logical structure for the database to ensure it aligns with customer needs.

Data Catalog and Enterprise Metadata Management.

CORMAC enables organizations to find, inventory, and analyze vastly distributed and diverse data assets. Our experts help customers design and implement data catalogs and manage the metadata tied to data assets across their organization. This allows analysts to easily search and retrieve data by attribute, such as data domain, compliance risk, trustworthiness or usefulness.

Data Wrangling.

We clean and unify complex data sets so they are easier to access and analyze. Our work includes transforming or mapping high-volume data, making it more valuable and useful for future analysis and machine learning. Our self-service data wrangling model allows analysts to tackle complex data more quickly and produce more accurate results, enabling more informed decisions.

Data Integration.

CORMAC consolidates data from disparate sources into a single view. Ultimately, this enables analytics tools to produce intelligence that is complete, correct and actionable. In addition to the traditional ETL/ELT techniques, we use modern data integration frameworks such as API-driven data integration, common in-memory data interfaces, and machine learning to create smart data integration assistants for embracing no-ETL approach.

Data Security.

With proven expertise in data security and federal regulations for data privacy and protection, we help customers fully realize the benefits of big data without sacrificing security. Our experts work with customers to mitigate security challenges inherent to big data, ranging from fake data generation to distributed frameworks.

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