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Transforming Business with Cloud Capabilities and Tailored Solutions

We use best practices such as Agile and human-centered design principles to deliver digital solutions. Our product engineering is customer-focused and incorporates user and stakeholder feedback throughout the development process. This collaborative culture drives continuous improvement, efficiency, and digital transformation.


Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Our team applies the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), a collection of patterns for implementing Lean-Agile software and systems development, across projects of various sizes and complexities. SAFe drives faster time to market, increases productivity and quality, and improves customer engagement. We have 10 certified Scrum Masters who use Lean-Agile mindset and principles to optimize solution development and overall innovation.


We help customers virtualize their computing resources — making them readily available, regardless of location, without requiring on-premise management. Cloud ensures higher reliability, security and flexibility in provisioning resources, which reduces risk and cost.

Human-Centered Design (HCD).

Understanding and empathy are at the heart of our solution development. We actively involve our customers and solve problems with their perspective in mind — ensuring the solutions we build truly meet their needs.


Our developers take an iterative, collaborative approach. Continuous communication between teams streamlines development — allowing them to build, test and deploy solutions faster and more effectively.

Modern Tech Stack/Open Source.

CORMAC develops solutions using a modern tech stack and an open source model. This eliminates licensing costs, encourages collaboration, and makes customization easy. As a result, we’re able to develop highly effective applications faster, at lower cost.

Other Areas of Expertise

Data Management
Our customers realize measurable gains because we help them find the data they need —quickly, securely, and reliably — throughout the data lifecycle.
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Data Analytics
Using data science and business intelligence tools, we provide the power to turn raw data into insights and opportunities.
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Health Information Technology (HIT)
We develop custom solutions in data management and analytics to strengthen performance in public healthcare programs.
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Emerging Technologies
Through collaboration, we explore new applications for AI and other capabilities to solve unique customer challenges.
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