Enterprise Database Administration – Managing 500+ TB of Complex Medicare and Medicaid Data 


Database Administration (DBA) is a major component of supporting CMS’ information systems and achieving effective, up-to-date health care coverage to promote quality care for beneficiaries. The current CMS database environment contains diverse sets of Medicare and Medicaid data for analytical and operational purposes, including but not limited to, utilization, beneficiary enrollment, beneficiary eligibility, provider profiles, provider credentials, and Medicare Plan data. The current environment includes diverse database systems such as DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server. The enterprise consists of approx. 1400 databases, 125,033 tables with 500+ terabytes of data, supporting over 80 applications.

CORMAC’s work supports the Office of Information Technology (OIT), which is charged with the management of information systems architecture, assets (hardware, software and resources), enterprise databases, and the access to data and operational systems. Our solutions enable the agency to fulfill its mission of serving healthcare beneficiaries and providers.

Business Benefits/Outcomes

CORMAC supports the following tasks that cover the full lifecycle of Data:

  • Database design to ensure data integrity, quality and performance
  • Database structural changes and migration across the lifecycle
  • Providing database administration (DBA) across the lifecycle from testing, integration, validation, and production using diverse database systems such as DB2, Oracle, and SQL server
  • Maintaining the production databases and provide 24/7 support
  • Management and optimization of storage for the databases including archiving
  • Providing database backup and recovery services
  • Maintaining the quality of the databases, including monitoring and performance tuning
  • Supporting database upgrades and tools associated with the database systems
  • Maintaining database standards and guidelines
  • Enforcing the standards and guidelines to ensure the best quality databases

Our work benefits all business processes in the agency to ensure essential operations are performed uninterrupted.

Innovations to Bring Business Value

Due to legislative mandates such as ACA, data continues to grow exponentially. The agency faces challenges with predicting the growth of data for better planning of infrastructure resources.

CORMAC used Predictive Analytics to deliver added value and predict the future growth of data using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Thanks to collaboration in our Innovation Lab, we built a Predictive Analytics Dashboard to combine Data Visualization with AI to predict the growth of data in various DB2 databases across the agency.

Better Capacity Planning – Predictive Analytics Dashboard

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