CMS Awards CORMAC the National Claims History (NCH) Suite of systems (COBOL programmers) Contract

July 1, 2017


CORMAC Corporation is awarded the National Claims History (NCH) Suite of systems (COBOL programmers) Contract. This contract will provide maintenance, enhancements, and special projects support to CMS. CORMAC is the prime contractor supporting NCH for last five years and will continue to provide support for the next five years!

The NCH suite of systems includes NCH, Medicare Provider Analysis and Review (MEDPAR), Common Working File Medicare Quality Assurance (CWFMQA), Standard Analytical Files (SAF), and other auxiliary applications. The various systems are critical to CMS core functions. For example, CWFMQA receives daily batches from Common Working File (CWF) of Medicare Part A and Part B claims data (Inpatient/SNF, Outpatient, Home Health, Hospice, Carrier, and DMERC). NCH is CMS’ data repository which houses all Medicare Parts A and B claims transactions data processed since 1991 through CWF. MEDPAR is a COBOL file that is a representation of beneficiaries’ final action claims for stays in inpatient hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs).

“It is an absolute honor for CORMAC to support 95% of the Post-Medicare Claims workflow for CMS, which spreads across two of our prime contracts (NCH, NMUD-MSIS)” says Dominic Raj, CORMAC’s President.

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