CMS Strategic Partners Acquisition Readiness Contract (SPARC) IDIQ

SPARC Contract Details


We Offer Expert Services and Support under CMS SPARC

CORMAC Corporation is proud to offer services under the SPARC IDIQ contract in the Small Business and WOSB tracks.

With 15 years of extensive working knowledge and capabilities and a long record of successful past performances for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), we provide services in 10 categories through SPARC.

Strategic Advantages that Add Value

Deep familiarity with the CMS mission, IT, and Data environment — We have extensive experience improving information security and usability, allowing for expedited development and implementation of custom solutions.

  • Agile capabilities to support CMS Expedited Life Cycle (XLC) — We have thoroughly integrated the XLC process into our broader Agile methodology, allowing us to better control risk and minimize re-work.
  • Rigorous ISO 9001 and CMMI ML3 Practices — We ensure quality in software maintainability, portability, reliability, reusability, and performance, as well as high quality in customer satisfaction.
  • Information Security Expertise —We adhere to all relevant Federal security standards, including CMS Acceptable Risk Safeguards, OMB Circular A-130 Appendix III, FISMA, FIPS, OMB Circular A-123, and NIST to ensure secure and proper handling of PHI and PII data.


Key Past Performances

HHS/CMS, Integrated Data Repository (IDR)

CMS Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW): A 2 Petabyte Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to address agencies business goals such as Program Integrity. Services: Program Management, Agile Full Lifecycle Development, Data Modeling/DBA, ETL Development, Testing, Security, and User Training

HHS/CMS, National Claims History (NCH)

CMS Data Repository to house all Medicare Part A and Part B claims data from 1991 through the present that is/was processed through the Common Working File (CWF). Services: PM, CMS XLC development and O&M, and Security Audits

HHS/CMS, Performance Management System (PMS)

Performance Metrics Dashboards and BI/Analytics on various programs such as Medicare, Marketplace, and SSNRI: to Department, Congress, and White House. Services: PM, Data Mart, BI, Data Modeling, User Training and Help Desk, and Data Quality

HHS/CMS, Medicare Exclusion Database (MED)

Medicare Fraud Alert System: Data Extraction and Dissemination support to stop payments Op to excluded providers, fulfilling one of the Program Integrity goals. Services: PM, Website using Open source, O&M, Data Analysis, Testing, Security, Help Desk, and User Support

HHS/CMS, National Medicare Utilization Database (NMUD)

Large Scale Medicare Data Repository that houses all Medicare Part A and B claims from 1998 through the present. The data is housed by claim type and calendar year based on the date of service, each calendar year consists of approximately 1.5 billion claim transactions. Services: O&M Support, Enhancement, Testing, Data Analysis, DBA, Knowledge Transfer, and Change Management

HHS/CMS, Medicaid Statistical Information System (MSIS)

Large Scale Medicaid Data Repository: MSIS integrates thousands of flat files from States consisting of Medicaid enrollment, Inpatient, Long Term Care, Pharmacy and Other. Services: O&M Support, Enhancement, Testing, Data Analysis, DBA, Knowledge Transfer, and Change Management

HHS/CMS, Post-Acute Care Quality Metrics (PAC-QM)

Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation (IMPACT) under ACA: Data analysis support for IMPACT, creating reports on standardized patient assessment data by Post-Acute Care (PAC) providers. Services: O&M, Project Management, SAS Mining and Analytics, Outreach, and Training

HHS/CMS, Oncology Care Model Registry (OCMR)

Health Data Registry in AWS Cloud: Data analysis support to improve health and lower costs for beneficiaries by promoting practice transformation and appropriate clinical care. Services: PM, Open Source Integration in AWS, COTS Integration, Security Audits, and FEDRAMP 2

HHS/FDA, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER)

Drug Compliance and Drug Quality Reporting: CORMAC provides technical and analytical services support for the OBI and the Office of Compliance for several Databases referred to as Tracktor, Incident, and Informant. The informant database is used to track information received from individuals who report possible non-compliance of a firm to the FDA. The Tracktor database is used to record, track, and trend mandatory drug quality defect reporting of Field Alert Reports (FARs) and Biologic Product Deviation Reports (BPDRs) as well as high priority MedWatch reports.