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Meet CREPES—CORMAC’s Latest SAAS Product Using AI and NLP to simplify Past Performance Evaluation


Thanks to collaboration in our Innovation Lab, CORMAC proudly announces the launch of CORMAC Envisioning and Prediction Enhancing System (CREPES). It employs the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Data Visualization to provide a more efficient means of evaluating past performance. CREPES allows the Federal acquisition workforce to reduce administrative burden by accurately and consistently assessing the relevancy of past performance records during the contract award process. CREPES can significantly assist contracting officers conducting past performance evaluations by identifying relevant past performance assessment records in a more accurate, consistent, faster and useful manner, reducing the administrative workload on contracting officers while increasing the quality of the outcome.



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CORMAC has continuously used API for its project development and internal prototypes developed in house in the Innovation Lab. As a part of adopting new technology, CORMAC developed various API libraries that are used both privately and publicly.

Food and Nutrition Public API

Food and Nutrition 1.0 from CORMAC is an API designed to assist consumers in locating specific agricultural products that are available for sale in a given geographic area. It also returns health support information for a health condition like diabetes and blood pressure.

For more information about how to access and use this API please refer to this link.

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